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A basic ceremony film allows you to remember your ceremony in it's entirety from your vows, to the words your officiant shared, to your first kiss as a married couple.


 This film begins with the bride walking down the ailse and ends with the couple walking back down the ailse hand in hand.  Everything in between those two moments is displayed with nothing cut out, switching between a few different camera angles and synced up with high quality audio.  


What's the difference between this basic cermony film and a premium ceremony film?  Premium ceremony films include a few extras, like coverage of the processional as well as more camera angles, and are only available for weddings with two videographers.  The basic ceremony film is available with any wedding coverage even if it was filmed by a single videographer.  This means that some shots will have a videographer in them when it's unavoidable, but most of the time the focus will be on the bride, groom, and officiant!  

Basic Ceremony Film

  • When you order this film with standard delivery, it will be added to my current editing cue.  This typcially means you'll get your film 4-10 weeks after ordering.  

    If you would like your film sooner, you can pay extra for it to be expedited to the top of my editing cue, so you will recieve your film in 2 weeks or less.

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