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9 Ways your wedding can bring glory to Jesus

As a wedding videographer who also loves Jesus, there’s nothing I love more than to see a couple honoring Jesus on their wedding day.  Below I’ve compiled a list of what are my favorite 9 ways your wedding can bring glory to Jesus. 

#9.  Have Fun, and stay relaxed! 


This might seem like a bit of a strange tip, but remember that Jesus was a joyous and kind person.  Weddings can be stressful, so remember to stay relaxed and love the people around you as Jesus would.  Acting in a loving way in moments that might seem spiritually insignificant probably have a bigger impact than you’d think!

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#8.  Partake in communion as your symbol of unity.


You’ve probably seen the sand ceremony, the rope weaving, or other symbols of unity during the ceremony, but my favorite of them all is the sharing of communion together as a couple.  It’s such a great way to center the whole day around the death and resurrection of Jesus, and establish the importance of the gospel in your relationship.

#7.  Spend a couple minutes worshiping during the ceremony.


This often goes well with taking communion, but can also stand on its own.  Taking the time to worship God mid ceremony takes the focus off you two as people and solidifies the fact that Jesus holds the most important role in your relationship, and that everything is centered around Him.

#6.  Ask your bridesmaids and groomsmen pray for you before the ceremony.  


There are many reasons you might need prayer before your ceremony, and who better to pray for you than your closest friends who have been there for you in the good and the bad times and will continue to support you in your marriage.

#5.  Have someone pray for the meal.


This is often overlooked in the craziness of the day, but once again, including Jesus in as many ways as possible is always best! It doesn’t really mater who you chose to ask, but if you need ideas, grandparents are often honored to have this role and receiving their blessing is something not every couple makes space for at their wedding.

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#4.  Write letters to each other that incorporate Christ’s role in your relationship.


These letters will be something that you will go back and read years and decades into your marriage and can be a great reminder to your future selves that your marriage is built on your faith in Jesus.

#3.  Ask your attendants to incorporate your faith into their speeches.  


If you’re reading this then there’s a good chance your witnesses are also Jesus loving people! Communicate your desire to bring Jesus glory through your wedding, and ask them to talk about the role your faith has had in the relationship with your spouse.

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#2.  Ask your officiant to make the gospel message a priority during the ceremony.


It may seem obvious, but I’ve seen many Christian couples have a wedding where there wasn’t a strong gospel theme incorporated into the message.  This is probably one of the most impactful ways you can invite Jesus in and give Him glory at your wedding, so make sure that you communicate that desire with your officiant. 

#1.  Include your faith in your vows! 


This is probably the most important tip, and has the potential for the most impact on your wedding day, both for you as a couple and for your guests! In your vows, talk about your relationship with Jesus, how you appreciate your spouse’s relationship with Jesus, and your calling as a couple in God’s kingdom.  Your vows are a verbal recognition of the covenant between you, your spouse, and God; so make sure you're intentional with them!

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Bonus Tip

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Hire a Christian wedding videographer!


This is definitely a shameless plug since I am in fact a wedding videographer who loves Jesus, but I think it’s an important thing to bring up.  A non believer won’t understand which parts of your wedding hold the most meaning and potentially will cut it from the film.  An example might be skipping the shot of communion or not including a core part of the gospel message that your officiant shares.  When you hire a Christian to film your wedding, you get more peace of mind that your faith reflected at your wedding will also be reflected in your wedding film.

As a wedding videographer, one of my favorite parts of the job is that I get to share the ways God has brought so many people together, and in many cases the videos I create are sharing the gospel message with thousands of people who would never otherwise hear it.  So let’s celebrate your wedding together and capture the incredible God story He has written in the lives of you and your fiancé.

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