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As a videographer and photographer in the Spokane WA area I’ve been at more weddings than I care to count, and a side benefit of that is I can tell you what the best and worst things of each month are from a weddings perspective.  


If you’re in a rush today, my short answer is that September is my overall pick for best wedding month, but if you want to read more, I’ve listed out the best and worse things about each month (for outdoor weddings) for the typical wedding season in the Spokane WA area.

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The best:  Temperatures are usually fantastic.  It’s rarely too hot, and only occasionally too cold.

The worst:  Rain….  I haven’t seen rain at too many weddings, but the clouds have certainly looked the most threatening at the May weddings.


The best:  The weather is usually fantastic.  It’s almost never too cold, and rain is pretty rare. 

The worst:  It’s a super busy month for weddings which means you’ll have a harder time finder vendors and your guests may have to choose between your wedding and someone else’s.  It also has the potential to be extremely hot later in the month.

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The best:  Basically a 0% chance of bad weather.

The worst:  The heat might kill you if there’s no shade.  Make sure you get a shady venue (like this wedding) for your July wedding.


The best:  The same as July and it tends to not be as busy as July because people think August is significantly hotter (but it usually is about the same temperature) 

The worst:  If it’s a bad year for wildfires, August tends to be the month that gets the most smoke.  

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The best:  If I could redo my wedding it would be in September.  The weather is about as perfect as it gets, it’s not as busy as earlier in the summer and usually the smoke has cleared, especially later in the month.

The worst:  Some people may not be able to make it to your wedding because September is a busy month for your guest’s lives with school starting and vacation time being more used up.


The best:  You’ll probably have your pick of vendors and you likely won’t be competing for guests with anyone else.  You might also get vibrant colored trees.

The worst:  It can get really cold in October.

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If you haven’t chosen a wedding date yet, I hope you found all this helpful, and if you already have chosen your wedding date, and not you’re second guessing your decision, don’t worry too much.  I’ve personally never seen a wedding ruined because of the weather, and it’s honestly pretty rare for a wedding for a wedding to experience extreme heat, rain, or smoke.  So put your fears to rest, and even if the weather isn’t perfect on your wedding day, it doesn’t mean that your wedding can’t still be amazing! 

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